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100% UK built - no outsourcing and all local

We're different from the rest - we genuinely care

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gWeb Internet Designs

Welcome to gWeb Internet Designs, a Wolverhampton professional website design & development company offering creative internet solutions for companies of all sizes throughout the UK.

Established in 2001 when the internet was still brand new, we have a proven history of providing a service that we believe is second to none.

Local Designers

We may have clients all over the world, but gWeb designs are a UK web design company based in Wolverhampton serving businesses of all sizes. We don't outsource our work and take pride in getting the job done right - every time.


We Care

Sounds a bit corny doesn't it, but it's true. Established when most people hadn't even heard of the internet, we've heard all the nightmare stories and know exactly how rife our profession is with amateurs and cowboys. But you won't find that here.

Offering an individual, personal approach, we speak plainly with experience and expertise, offering our clients advice and suggestions to assist in their success. We want the best for our clients and that brings out the best in us, so all our websites are tailor-made to fit you and your needs.


Extras? They're Not Needed

We don't do half measures... Other companies may say, "Search Engine Optimisation? That's extra," or "Mobile friendly websites? Those costs more," or "Oh you want advice? That's a specialist package - it's expensive." We hate that - literally hate it.

Our job is to build you a website that works on every platform, that's easy for your customers to that, that makes you look fantastic and wins you extra business. And we do this as standard.



Horse's Mouth

We could go on and on about our award winning service, but talk is cheap. Fortunately results speak for themselves, so why not have a look at some of the websites we've developed (see our portfolio) or read a few of our customer testimonials.

Actually we encourage you to go further - we invite you to contact any of our clients directly yourself! Ask our clients what our service is like - ask them if we're as good as we say we are!



Contact Us

We provide options to suit every budget, from single page ads to bespoke e-commerce sites, so please call us now on 01902 570943 or email us.

You won't be disappointed.