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Our therapist package is incredible. What's even more incredible is the price.

If you've already seen what's included in our Therapists Package as standard, by now you're probably expecting to see dozens of optional extras to drive the price up, maybe a few hidden charges we didn't mention earlier. So please let us say it again for you, nice and clearly:


Standard Package - just £25 a month, with an initial set up fee of £99.

We happen to think our standard package is excellent value with an unbelievable content (see our package for details). There are NO hidden extras. No additional hosting charges. No search engines submission fees. No administration fees. No highly questionable and unreasonable hidden extras slipped in at the last minute.

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Need More? Need Less? Need Something Else?

Perhaps our standard package isn't quite for you. You may have more complex requirements than our standard package is suited for, or perhaps yours is an even simpler project.

Whatever your requirements, we want to hear from you, so please contact us. We're happy to discuss your individual needs and budget. Please remember, we're here to help and, most importantly, we do care!




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